Convinced that most commercially available wireless solutions were costly and inefficient, Chase Dubs, Level One Founder, discovered an equipment line manufactured by the California startup CloudTrax. With a few strategically placed CloudTrax access points and a little experimentation in his own home, he built a network that enabled online access from just about anywhere in his single family home.

That success was crucial to the foundation of Level One’s “Multi-Fi” – the wireless solution for┬áMuti-Family owners. With wireless technology expanding quickly, Chase set out to help major apartment complexes create fast, reliable wireless networks that cost less, conserve energy and reduce e-waste, the vast amount of electronic equipment left to rot in landfills. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Level One builds “Multi-Fi” wireless networks that can replace expensive individual Internet connections for residents with nearly identical levels of speed and service.

“We cover three to six apartments with a single wireless access point that uses less electricity than any commercially available wireless router you can buy,” says Chase. “We have multiple access points feeding off a single Internet connection. We are able to replace dozens of pieces of equipment which would normally be required for the same coverage.” In a 200-unit apartment complex in Mesa, the networks save about $2,500 a year in electricity costs, he says, and conserve about 21 tons of carbon, the amount an average American produces in a year.