"In-Unit" WiFi Networks & Network Cabling Systems

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Wireless Networking That’s Environmentally Friendly

Convinced that most commercially available wireless solutions were costly and inefficient, Chase Dubs, Level One Founder, discovered an equipment line manufactured by the California startup CloudTrax. With a few strategically placed CloudTrax access points and a little experimentation in his own home, he built a network that enabled online access from just about anywhere in his single family home.

That success was crucial to the foundation of Level One’s “Multi-Fi” – the wireless solution for┬áMuti-Family owners. With wireless technology expanding quickly, Chase set out to help major apartment complexes create fast, reliable wireless networks that cost less, conserve energy and reduce e-waste, the vast amount of electronic equipment left to rot in landfills. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Level One builds “Multi-Fi” wireless networks that can replace expensive individual Internet connections for residents with nearly identical levels of speed and service.

“We cover three to six apartments with a single wireless access point that uses less electricity than any commercially available wireless router you can buy,” says Chase. “We have multiple access points feeding off a single Internet connection. We are able to replace dozens of pieces of equipment which would normally be required for the same coverage.” In a 200-unit apartment complex in Mesa, the networks save about $2,500 a year in electricity costs, he says, and conserve about 21 tons of carbon, the amount an average American produces in a year.