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What is Telephone System – The Different Types

What is telephone system? If you don’t know much about telephone systems, you might not have the right phone system for your company. A telephone system is one of the things that any successful company, corporation or firm must have to conduct business effectively. The different types of phone systems that are commonly used are: PBX systems, Key systems, KSU less systems, Key and PBX system hybrids. Aside from being economical, these are also reliable.

For firms and companies that have 10 employees or less, the KSU less system would be perfect. This is because this system is limited to 10 extensions. So if a business needs a phone system that can be expanded, has a lot of features and can accommodate more than 10 employees, this is not the right choice. They should go for other phone systems like the PBX system.

If you are still asking what is telephone system and its different types, continue reading on. The KSU system is another type of a business phone system that is more affordable than the Key or PBX systems. It is easy to install and works efficiently. This offers portability. For larger companies, a PBX system may accommodate more than 40 extensions, so this is suited for companies having more than 40 employees.

In the past, business phone systems could be very costly. However, in today’s world the prices have been reduced dramatically, making phone systems affordable for small and medium sized businesses. The systems have been reconfigured into a compact size so they would fit even a small space in an office. They have innovative features as well, even more than that of the KSU systems.

A business phone system provides large and small businesses alike with more efficient communication, and gives the impression of a professional look. For more information about what is telephone system, you might want to ask a professional like Level One Communications. Contact them today!