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Main Advantages of Voice over IP Phone Systems as Compared to Traditional Phone Systems

New technologies are constantly being introduced into the market. It is either the replacement of a current technology or a whole new concept that captures the hearts of “techy” individuals. For instance, Voice over IP phone systems were launched to provide customers with a much greater functionality, enhanced customer service, increased productivity and cost-efficiency than past phone system technology. After reading this article, you will be amazed at what a Voice over IP phone systems can offer.

  • Voice calls made through the internet are much easier and affordable compared to conventional phone systems. Companies with offices in different locations largely benefit from this feature of Voice over IP phone systems since long distance call charges are removed from their list of expenses.
  • You can have the service of a network carrier provide voice trunks at every branch. The voice traffic conducted within the office travels through the private network carrier and not through the public internet.
  • It is an economical way of connecting your home based employee to your office phone system. It is made possible by providing them with a phone from your office that connects directly to the internet. It can also be done by the use of software at home that functions like a typical telephone.
  • Voice over IP phone systems are excellent for mobile employees. All they have to do is install the “soft phone” software in their laptops, grab a headset and presto! They can receive and make calls just like they’re at the office.

Continue exploring possibilities of carrying out your business in ways you never thought possible. All major phone system manufacturers have huge investments in research and development when it comes to Voice over IP phone systems. Based on the technological advances, having a VoIP phone system is just right for a starting business since it requires less cost than older phone systems. In summary, consider the advantages discussed above to help you decide whether the Voice over IP phone systems are the right choice for your business.

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Voice Over IP Phone System – A Good Start for Small Businesses

The Voice over IP phone system has become the new benchmark in the present world of telecommunication. VoIP’s main purpose is to provide different businesses with reliable communication lines taking advantage of the internet at a reasonable price.

The success of the Voice over IP phone system has been remarkable which has made landline phones and conventional private branch exchange (PBX) systems a part of history. VoIP phones are provided by known VoIP companies such as ShoreTel VoIP Phones, Cisco VoIP Phones and Avaya VoIP Phones. Whatever provider you choose for your communication needs, all of them are certain to offer more or less similar features depending on the nature and size of your company.

VoIP technology is suitable for both small and large companies since it has an adjustable platform. Prior to the arrival of Voice over IP phone system, businesses that wanted to manage an expanding mobile workforce and customer base incurred a major expense. Reducing this expense is one of the advantages brought about by VoIP technology.

Diversifying businesses is possible with reduced operation expenses. The Voice over IP phone system does not simply link several branch offices but lets you enjoy all the VoIP  features like call forwarding, call waiting, voice messaging, mobility, auto attendant, CMS integration, video and audio conferencing.

In today’s market, communicating with your client effectively could give you an advantage over a competitor. VoIP technology makes it possible for your employees to work off-site. You can work in the comfort of your home or other locations where there is an internet connection. All these features were just a dream in past years until the introduction of VoIP in the technology world. In short, the Voice over IP phone system has become a necessary and very good way for a starting or small business to grow and prosper.

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Getting the Best Business VoIP Phone System

A professional and efficient communication system is what a growing business needs to become more successful.

To be able to battle against stiff competition, many companies use a business VoIP phone system to enhance the way they communicate with their employees and clients. This phone system is cost effective, and provides excellent benefits that one can not get in a typical business phone system. In addition to providing more features than its analog counterpart, it costs less.

Once a caller dials a business VoIP phone system, it is automatically transmitted with a digital format through the internet. It will be converted to voice data on the other end once the called party receives it.

When choosing your business VoIP phone system, consider this factor:

Scalability. It is an essential aspect since most of the time you do not need to buy the largest VoIP system available for your business. You should select the one that has expandability so you can add more features when you need them.

You may select between a premise-based service and a VoIP service. Should you choose the VoIP service, all you need to do is to plug your business VoIP phone system to the Internet and you are set. There is no need to pay for expensive hardware and care for its maintenance. If you select the premise-based service, you are required to purchase the PBX and the VoIP phones which will cost you more. This is not usually used for small businesses.

Once you’ve decided to use the hosted VoIP system, you should carefully pick the best one for your particular needs. Choose the business VoIP phone system host which is reliable and will provide service 24/7. Any communication interruption is a business loss.

If you frequently make long distance calls using your business VoIP phone system, make sure you know its long distance call policy so you will know the related costs. However, even on long distance calls, you can actually save as much as 75%. This further proves the point that a VoIP phone system saves you money and adds professional image to your business.

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Benefits of Using VoIP Business Phone System

A phone service alternative that’s been rising in recognition over the past few years is Voice over Internet Protocol service, more generally referred to as a VoIP business phone system. It provides telephone plans to people and companies alike for a flat monthly cost. Most major VoIP companies authorize you to make use of standard phones capable of calling any phone using a public phone system connection.

The most common type of VoIP business phone system is the one installed by using an Analog Telephone Adapter. ATA enables you to employ a typical telephone for the Voice over internet protocol service. You simply plug the telephone in to the adapter rather than a phone jack attached to wall. The ATA switches the signal into a number of digital packets that are sent over the internet broadband connection, where they’re then distributed towards telephone exchange to complete the call.

For this reason, numerous companies are selecting a VoIP business phone system over public phone access. Additionally, caller identification, call forwarding, call waiting, voice mail messaging and three-way calling are all included in your monthly subscription. You are charged a reasonable flat rate for calls made rather than incurring long distance and international charges.

You will find numerous VoIP service companies that offer VoIP business phone system choices; therefore, it is essential that you choose the best provider for your daily business needs. Consider the nature and how big your company is and start looking around to determine what provider offers the finest deal for your particular situation. It’s easy to find a VoIP system with features that fit your company’s needs, all for a reasonable price.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions! By asking the providers some questions, you are likely to end up with the VoIP business phone system that best meets your company needs. If you find you need some professional advice regarding a VoIP business phone system, contact Level One Communications for a free consultation. Call them today!

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VoIP PBX System – Good Means of Communication for Small and Large Firms

VoIP telephone systems offer more or less the same features of conventional PSTN phone systems. One of the advantages of the former is lesser cost over the latter.  Common features include caller ID, voice mail, auto attendant, call forwarding and many others. Toll free numbers as well as local telephone numbers and are mostly powered by a VoIP PBX system. In case you were wondering, PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange.

One of the great things about the VoIP PBX system is the possibility of personalization and a bit of modification of the VoIP PBX system. The open standards together with this phone system’s technology can be applied into the existing system for additional security of confidential calls. Add-ons of a VoIP PBX system include card payment systems and technology to operate fax machines.

A general PBX system works by translating circuit switched outputs that came from the PBX system straight into IP packets. Data packets are then forwarded to the router and through different lines. In order to take advantage of this type of system, firms must have stable broadband internet to hold multiple calls with no disruptions. Smaller companies with not more than five employees require 90 kbps transmission for every telephone line. A more extensive VoIP PBX system may be necessary for firms with one hundred or more employees.

Firms opting to have a VoIP PBX system only require a small investment. Smaller companies will likely spend $1,000 or less for this communication system. Larger firms may have to spend more depending on the number of its employees and the nature of the company.

The distinct feature of VoIP PBX system is that conversations can be recorded and transcribed to text since all calls are digital. In this way, all calls can be reviewed which can be helpful in solving problems such as miscommunication within and outside the company.

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