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Voice Mail Phone System with Auto Attendant Feature

One of the things that can help your small business become successful would be a PBX phone system with features like voice mail and auto attendant. Having a voice mail phone system makes a professional and good first impression on your clients that your business is trying to woo away from your competition.

Communication System with Powerful Call Handling Features

By using a PBX phone with voice mail phone system and auto attendant features, you can be sure that all incoming calls are professionally handled. It provides businesses with power features that are usually found in phone systems that are sophisticated and complex. Other features that are beneficial to the company are the fax to email, call forwarding, auto attendant, call conferencing, voice mail and many more.

What the auto attendant does is it gives a professional greeting to each and every caller, and then provides the caller with a variety of different options to choose from. The business phone system can handle every single call efficiently, ensuring your business never misses any call from customers, thus generating more revenue. It can also redirect calls into other alternate numbers, even mobile numbers.

No More Missed Calls

A voice mail phone system with auto attendant forwards the calls that were not able to be answered after a few rings. These calls are forwarded to a voice mail system. It contains a voice mail box that lets the caller record messages to the recipient of the call. This is useful especially in times when the line is busy or it is no longer during business hours. The calls can also be converted into an audio file and attached to email.

In order for your business to reap the benefits of a voice mail phone system with auto attendant features, there is no need for expensive setup since the required hardware are all within the premise of the service provider. These are shared with other users and offered at affordable monthly rates. Call Level One Communications today for your free consultation!