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Voice Mail Phone System with Auto Attendant Feature

One of the things that can help your small business become successful would be a PBX phone system with features like voice mail and auto attendant. Having a voice mail phone system makes a professional and good first impression on your clients that your business is trying to woo away from your competition.

Communication System with Powerful Call Handling Features

By using a PBX phone with voice mail phone system and auto attendant features, you can be sure that all incoming calls are professionally handled. It provides businesses with power features that are usually found in phone systems that are sophisticated and complex. Other features that are beneficial to the company are the fax to email, call forwarding, auto attendant, call conferencing, voice mail and many more.

What the auto attendant does is it gives a professional greeting to each and every caller, and then provides the caller with a variety of different options to choose from. The business phone system can handle every single call efficiently, ensuring your business never misses any call from customers, thus generating more revenue. It can also redirect calls into other alternate numbers, even mobile numbers.

No More Missed Calls

A voice mail phone system with auto attendant forwards the calls that were not able to be answered after a few rings. These calls are forwarded to a voice mail system. It contains a voice mail box that lets the caller record messages to the recipient of the call. This is useful especially in times when the line is busy or it is no longer during business hours. The calls can also be converted into an audio file and attached to email.

In order for your business to reap the benefits of a voice mail phone system with auto attendant features, there is no need for expensive setup since the required hardware are all within the premise of the service provider. These are shared with other users and offered at affordable monthly rates. Call Level One Communications today for your free consultation!

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Which Telephone System Suits Your Business Needs?

Transmitting reliable information using effective means has become the norm for businesses today.  Keeping your business on the right track and knowing which telephone system to use is an important thing to know.  Understanding which telephone system is required by your company’s needs can prevent possible disasters in your business world.

When it comes to business organization and the necessity of faster communication, we simply can’t ignore the importance of which telephone system is best suited to your business atmosphere. Therefore, a suitable communication system should be able to provide a fast and balanced method of information dissemination. The next question would be, which telephone system works best for you and your company?

Prior to the discovery of phone systems, people interacted one step at a time.  There was no such thing as virtual connections. Communications were carried out through meetings, emails, letters and two-way telephone conversations. Through the passing of time, companies have grown bigger in a shorter period of time. Thus, the need to figure out which telephone system would be appropriate came into the picture.

What exactly is a telephone system anyway?  It is simply a user friendly telephone system which is commonly used to improve the communication process.  Depending on which telephone system you purchase, you will find several features including multiple telephone and video conferencing, PBX settings, instant delivery of virtual documents and multiple voicemail preferences, and automatic company welcome messages capable of using every language around the globe.

Now the issue boils down to how you determine which telephone system is reliable and cost-effective.  The first step is to determine the attributes which best fit your company.  Next you have to research the company you want to purchase your telephone system from, including a brief history of the company, testimonials, and what guarantees they provide. The final factor, which is essential, is the price of the equipment and installation of your new phone system.  For a free consultation of which telephone system would best fit your company, call Level One Communications today!

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VoIP PBX System – Good Means of Communication for Small and Large Firms

VoIP telephone systems offer more or less the same features of conventional PSTN phone systems. One of the advantages of the former is lesser cost over the latter.  Common features include caller ID, voice mail, auto attendant, call forwarding and many others. Toll free numbers as well as local telephone numbers and are mostly powered by a VoIP PBX system. In case you were wondering, PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange.

One of the great things about the VoIP PBX system is the possibility of personalization and a bit of modification of the VoIP PBX system. The open standards together with this phone system’s technology can be applied into the existing system for additional security of confidential calls. Add-ons of a VoIP PBX system include card payment systems and technology to operate fax machines.

A general PBX system works by translating circuit switched outputs that came from the PBX system straight into IP packets. Data packets are then forwarded to the router and through different lines. In order to take advantage of this type of system, firms must have stable broadband internet to hold multiple calls with no disruptions. Smaller companies with not more than five employees require 90 kbps transmission for every telephone line. A more extensive VoIP PBX system may be necessary for firms with one hundred or more employees.

Firms opting to have a VoIP PBX system only require a small investment. Smaller companies will likely spend $1,000 or less for this communication system. Larger firms may have to spend more depending on the number of its employees and the nature of the company.

The distinct feature of VoIP PBX system is that conversations can be recorded and transcribed to text since all calls are digital. In this way, all calls can be reviewed which can be helpful in solving problems such as miscommunication within and outside the company.

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Music On Hold

While your callers are being transferred or while they’re waiting on hold, TalkSwitch plays the music you choose or recorded messages that can advertise your company.

Music is better

Most callers will hang up within a minute if there’s only silence on the line. TalkSwitch indicates that the line hasn’t died with a default on hold beeping tone. Better yet, you can upload an audio file or attach any standard audio device to play music — a radio, CD player or MP3 player.

Advertise yourself

You’re not limited to music, either. You can use any sound recording you want, including advertisements or information about your company or products. You’ve got a captive audience; sell yourself!

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Auto Attendants

The TalkSwitch auto attendant answers your phone and offers callers a range of interactive touch-tone choices that you configure any way you want. Your callers receive consistent, professional treatment even when you’re out or busy, and you save the time, money and frustration of answering and directing calls.

There are 9 levels of auto attendants (20 on systems with the PowerPack). You can use different greetings on each of your incoming lines, allowing sophisticated multi-tenant set-ups, different departments to have their own auto attendants, and automated distribution of frequently requested information such as your hours or location.

Record it yourself or get the professionals

You can record your auto attendant greetings yourself and change them any time, or you can upload professionally recorded files. TalkSwitch recommends the On Hold Network for highly professional recorded greetings.

Powerful, flexible control

You can configure your auto attendant to answer immediately or after as many as 9 rings, if you want a chance for your staff to answer first. You can have different lines answered after different numbers of rings, or with different auto attendants. And you have options for callers who don’t have a touch-tone phone or who don’t select any options at all.

Caller options at the auto attendant

When the auto attendant answers calls, callers can perform several options.

  • Dial any local extension with its 3-digit number
  • Dial any remote extension with its 3-digit number
  • Use the dial-by-name directory to reach an extension
  • Dial any ring group
  • Leave a voicemail message at any extension’s voice mailbox
  • Jump to another auto attendant
  • Listen to announcements
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