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Carrier Services

We were founded on the premise of providing businesses with a more simplified way to purchase and manage telecom solutions. Combining the experience of our telecom specialists and the superior products of our carriers enables us to provide our customers with the best telecom solution tailored specifically for their business needs.

By offering a full suite of Data, Voice, and Professional Services we are able to simplify the purchase, installation, and management of our client’s telecommunication and network requirements. We serve as an experienced consultant and primary contact point throughout the entire telecommunication life cycle from solution architecture to implementation and ongoing account management.

By partnering with multiple industry leaders we are able to create a custom telecommunications package that can help our customers to cut costs, increase productivity, and provide a better experience for their own customers. Because of our carrier selection, we offer an unbiased consultation free of charge, helping our clients to make informed decisions. We take on a four phase approach to serving your business – Planning, Implementation, Cutover, and Project Closure. We are there from the initial consultation and will still be there, long after the contract is signed.

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We Are The Preferred Arizona Cox Business Referral Partner

  • Do you need a quote on new services for your existing office?
  • Are you moving offices and need to verify services are available?
  • Are you looking to reduce your current phone / internet bills?

Our “Outside Sales Account Manager” is Hannibal Kruger

  • Hannibal is great to work with
  • He is personally accountable for your Account every step of the way – even after the order is placed – he still answers your calls
  • Hannibal can offer free installation, versus if you called into the main Cox Business number, you would get their standard installation costs.
  • Hannibal can offer free months of services, depending on what services you get and based on the contract term – 12 months, 24 months, 36, months, etc

Example 36 Month Contract – Phone Lines & Long Distance:

  • Phone lines would be $24.00 each plus approximately $8.00 in federal fees and taxes, totaling $32.00 / month / line
    • Each phone line comes with 5 free features, such as Caller ID, Call Waiting, Hunt/Roll Over, Call Forward Busy, Call Transfer, etc
  • Cox hosted voice mail will be free
  • Free Unlimited Long Distance on each line – A $22.50 savings per phone line
  • Free Installation – Installation fees waived for Phone Lines

Example 36 Month Contract – High-Speed Internet Services:

  • 5MB Download/ 1MB Upload – $71.00
  • 10MB Download / 2MB Upload – $104.00
  • 15MB Download / 3MB Upload – $156.00
  • 25MB Download / 4MB Upload – $198 .00
  • 50MB Download / 5MB Upload – $309.00

Contact Hannibal:

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